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ADEQ Septic Tank Inspections In Phoenix, Arizona

Buying or Selling a home in Arizona with a septic tank? A certified ADEQ Septic Tank Inspection is required by law.

Certified Septic Tank Inspection costs are based on the size of the septic tank. The quoted fees include the following septic services:

Our Inspection Process

We Keep It Simple

Sewer Time makes your septic inspection simple. After you schedule with is we will send out one of our licensed septic inspection techs along with a pumper truck to complete the inspections service. We fill out all required documentation and send it to the required parties. If any septic repairs are required we will give you a quote for the cost of repairs. Upon completion we also provide a location diagram of your septic system for all future services.

  • Locate septic tank electronically
  • Labor that includes digging down to the septic opening
  • Disposal and pumping of all septic tank seepage
  • Inspecting the inside of the tank and baffles, cleaning of and inspection of filter, if needed
  • Water flow inspection from septic tank to home and from drainage to septic tank while running water
  • Complete ADEQ report of inspection, paperwork, some completion of transfer of ownership for (buyer/owner/ escrow date needs to be added at sale close or close to filing of report) including septic tank location map

Septic Inspection FAQs

Take a look at a few articles that will answer some of the most common questions surrounding Arizona septic inspections. Feel free to give us a call as well for any information you may require. 480-900-8820
How Much Does a Septic Inspection Cost?
A common question we receive time and time again is How Much Does an Arizona Septic Inspection Cost? The short answer is the inspection company sets the price. A septic inspection company chooses the price they want to charge for the inspection. Sewer Time Septic and Drain is a full service septic company in Arizona. […]
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