Sewer Time Septic and Drain

Septic System Design and Permitting

Sewer Time Septic and Drain can Design and Permit your Arizona Septic System

When the time comes to add a septic tank to your property be it a new build or retrofit application it is important that you take the time to have the appropriate system design. Having the correct system fit to your property ensures that your family and the environment will be protected from your septage waste. Septage waste contains many pathogens and the incorrect system being installed on your property can risk the health of your family as well as cost you thousands in fines and repairs.

Sewer Time Septic and Drain will come to your proposed septic site and design the most cost effective and efficient solution for your project. We will design, draw, and engineer your septic project as well as help submit all appropriate paper work and obtain permits.

Sewer Time prides itself on maintaining its professional relationships with the county permitting offices and this allows us to expedite septic designs and installations.

Step 1 to Done

We handle both:
Phase I: Site & Soil Evaluations
(See Site Engineering)
Phase II: System Designs (NOID)
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