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Do You Need A New Septic System?

Do You Need A New Septic System?

Are you experiencing septic or drain problems currently? Stop now and call SewerTime Septic and Drain. Waiting to diagnose any septic or drain issue can compound a simple problem and cost thousands so don’t delay. Call us at 480-900-8820

Signs you may need a new septic system

Ponding Water

Unusual ponding water anywhere in your yard is a big red flag. If your septic system is malfunctioning it is possible that some of your septage is leaking out into your yard where it can cause harm to your family and the ecosystem. Many septic systems are on properties that also utilize well water and if the septic system compromises the well it can lead to catastrophic consequences. If you notice ponding water near your septic tank Sewer Time Septic and Drain can help. Call us right away at: 480-900-8820

What leads to ponding water?
  • Damaged Drain Field or Buildup of Biomat – A properly functioning drain field works by taking the output or septic effluent and dispersing it into your soil for the microbes and dirt to break down and purify. Eventually the septage water is returned to clear water through the biological purification process and reunited with ground water. Biomat is a natural bi-product of the biological purification process. Biomat is prone to clogging up or blocking the drain field from the soil that is able to process the septic effluent. Many times a simple areation process is enough to break up the biomat and return your drainfield to proper working order. It is possible for biomat to infiltrate the drain field causing the entire drain field to need replacement.
  • Leak In Septic Tank – It is possible that the actual septic holding tank may have a crack allowing for the untreated septic to leak out of the tank and saturate the ground around it. The untreated septage that leaks from the tank is a danger to your health and must be fixed promptly.
  • Sewer Line Damage – In some cases it is not actually the septic system that is causing the issues but a plumbing problem with the sewer line. Sewer lines can degrade and crack over years of use causing the line to leak. If this is the case Sewer Time can usually just replace the sewer-line and integrate it to your current septic tank.

Foul Smells/Sewage Smells

If you have a damaged septic system or sewer lines many times you may notice foul smells outside near the location of the tank or inside near your drains and toilets. In most cases you will notice these smells before there are any visible signs of issues with your septic system. A non-functionainc septic system may be allowing the septic gases to escape back through your homes plumbing and into your home causing a foul stench. If you noticed foul septic smells inside or outside call Sewer Time Septic and Drain Right away at: 480-900-8820

What leads to foul smells?
  • Drain Field Malfunction – If your drain field is working properly you may never even know where it is located on your property. If you notice foul smells it may be that the drain field is improperly saturating the soils leading to improper treatment and allowing the smells to escape up through the ground. Like with ponding water it is possible that the drain field will need replacement or aeration.
  • Effluent Filter/Sanitary T Baffle – Septic tanks typically have what is called an effluent filter on the outlet of the septic tank, leading to the drain field. The effluent filters job is to reduce any solids that failed to settle properly from leaving the tank and entering the drain field. If the filter is plugged or the T-baffle is dislodged or damaged it can cause a backup into the sewer line.
  • Tank Leak/Damaged Tank – Foul smells can also be produced if you have a non water-tight septic tank. Groundwater can penetrate the tank displacing the sewage or the sewage itself can leak out. This may cause an odor and most likely your tank will need to be replaced. If your tank has degraded it is very important to have it replaced. It is a hazard to have a degraded septic tank on your property.
  • Broken Lids/Risers – In some cases it may just be the lid or riser that is cracked or damaged allowing the septic gases to leak out from the tank. Make sure to have your lids and risers checked annually. If you notice a broken lid or cracked riser have it repaired immediately. Children fall into improperly sealed and secured septic tanks every year and die.

Sewage Backup Into Home

One of our most common calls is to help homeowners when they have a sewage backup in their home. When sewage is coming up through showers, baths, sinks, and toilets it can cause a serious problem for all who live in the home. It can also cause extensive damage to the home itself and cost thousands in repairs just for the damage to the property. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 this is due to lack of proper care and maintenance of the septic system. If homeowners fail to regularly pump their tanks and maintain their system it is inevitable that a backup will occur.

What leads to sewage backups
  • Failure to Pump/Maintain Tank – As we stated above it is almost always a lack of maintenance and pumping to the tank. You should have your septic tank pumped every three years (under normal/designed usage) to ensure proper function. With rising costs of rent and mortgages it is more common to see larger families living in smaller homes. Each tank system is designed to handle only a certain amount of GPH (Gallons per hour) and total septic waste per person. If you have more people than rooms in your home it is possible you will need to pump your tank more often.

How to prevent the costly repairs and replacement of your septic tank.

You can see there are nearly countless things that can go wrong with a septic system. Most of these apply to a standard gravity system. If you have an alternative system such as an Aerobic Treatment Unit or your system uses a pump to move your effluent prior to treatment there are even more things that can go wrong. To keep your septic flowing follow through on your maintenance and get a professional septic company to help if you suspect you have any problems. Have your tank inspected annually and pumped when required. Make sure you have a reliable septic company like Sewer Time Septic and Drain to help you out.

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