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How Much Does a Septic Inspection Cost?

How Much Does a Septic Inspection Cost?

A common question we receive time and time again is How Much Does an Arizona Septic Inspection Cost? The short answer is the inspection company sets the price. A septic inspection company chooses the price they want to charge for the inspection.

Sewer Time Septic and Drain is a full service septic company in Arizona. As such we are licensed to inspect septic tanks all over the state. Our pricing is upfront and transparent for all of our services including inspections

Arizona Septic Inspection Cost:

Arizona Transfer Of Title Septic Inspection Base Cost$275
Tank Pumping (tank must be pumped for inspection)$500 up to 1250 Gallons
Dig Cost*$100
Riser/Cover Replacement**$200

Septic inspection costs may vary between two companies however it is important you choose a company you know will provide a thorough inspection. This will prevent any liability landing on you as the previous homeowner should there be a premature septic failure after the transaction.

Schedule an Arizona Septic Tank Inspection

Simply call Sewer Time Septic and Drain at 480-900-8820 and our friendly staff will walk your through scheduling and the inspection process. See More about Arizona Septic Tank Inspections

*Dig Cost – We charge this fee if we are required to dig to uncover your septic tank inspection ports. This charge can be avoided by the homeowner if the choose to uncover the septic tank inspection port.

**Riser/ Cover Replacement – Upon setting up service with Sewer Time for any septic service we require the homeowner to agree to our riser replacement clause. This means that if we uncover your tank and the covers or risers are damaged or missing we will replace them at a predetermined price. The reason we do this is it is very dangerous to have deteriorating, damaged, or missing septic covers. We do not want anybody getting hurt by falling into an open or compromised septic tank.

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