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Septic Services Phoenix, AZ

Septic Pumping

Pumping your septic tank is a regular part of making sure your waste is properly treated and disposed of. A properly functioning tank will need serviced every 3-5 years or sooner depending on habitants of the home. Sewer Time offers simple scheduling and same day service when available. Don't wait until your septic system becomes an emergency problem.
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Septic Inspection (AZ Transfer of Ownership)

Are you buying or selling a home in Arizona? If this home has a septic tank it must be inspected and certified by a National Association of Wastewater Technicians Certified Inspector and submitted to ADEQ. Sewer Time technicians are certified inspectors and can provide the proper inspection reports and certifications for your tank that will be required to buy/sell your home
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Septic System Design

Sewer Time offers professional septic system design and certification. We will help you with the process from plan to permit.
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Tank and System Repair

Septic tanks will often require repairs throughout their lifetime to ensure proper operation. Other important features of your septic system including the drain field may need repairs to help prevent premature failure.
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Septic System Installation

SewerTime can help you with the installation process of your septic tank. We offer full system design as well as system installation and maintenance. We can help install and test your system as well if you already have a system design plan.
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Septic Site Engineering

Septic Site Engineering is available to all of our clients requiring a non-traditional system. Some sites require advanced septic systems and SewerTime can provide you with everything you need from engineering to installation.
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