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Septic Site Engineering

Septic Site Engineering

When a new septic system is required for a property there are a few things that are required to make sure that the system will perform to the standards required by law. The design of the septic system is also influenced by factors of the build site.

Sewer Time Septic and Drain can perform all state and county required test and engineering as well as handle the permit process on your behalf. Call today 480-900-8820

Soils Evaluation and the Perc Test

A soil percolation test is required when setting up on onsite wastewater treatment system or septic system. A percolation test shows how water is absorbed into the soils in or near the location of the septic system drain-field. The percolation test will determine if a standard septic system and drain field will be adequate to properly treat the wastewater effluent. Certain Arizona soils are better at absorbing and treating the wastewater than other. In some cases the dense clays that can be present in the ground soil in AZ can prevent a standard system from being installed.

Why Soil Matters

The overall goal of your onsite waste water treatment system is to capture and contain your waste solids, as well as the FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) that you and your family create and put down your drains. Your septic system will then allow the effluent, or the dirty water free of the solids and FOGs to leave the septic tank and transfer into the drain field of the system. This is where soil becomes important. The soil where your drain field is located must be able to accommodate the amount of effluent that leaves your septic tank. Not only must the soil have the proper composition to absorb the wastewater but it also must have the proper microbes that will treat and remove the harmful bacteria and pathogens before it reaches the water table.

Site Limitations

On-Site septic systems are typically designed to operate based on gravity, much like home plumbing. Upon the design and install of your system a constant slope to your septic tank and then out of the septic tank to the drain-field will be created. Some build sites, due to size limitations, or soil limitations are unable to accomadate the design of a standard septic system and an alternative system will need to be installed.

Call The Pros

Sewer Time Septic and Drain is experienced in all septic system designs and site engineering requirements. We do in house testing and evaluations as well as handle the permit process for you. Sewer Time can take you from day one excavation to a functioning septic system faster and easier than any other company.

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