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Septic Tank Pumping


A clogged septic tank is a serious issue. Your system needs routine care to continue working the way it should. That’s why Sewer Time Septic and Rooter performs septic tank pumping, servicing all of the Phoenix Metro Areas. Take a detailed look at our Service Areas if you have any questions. We’ll arrive at your home or business promptly. Plus, we’ll assess your system for other issues while we’re there.To continue working properly, your septic system needs:

  •  Annual inspections for issues
  •  Septic tank cleaning every three to five years
  • Prompt repairs when problems occur

We can take care of your pumping and repair needs so that your system stays in tiptop shape. Learn more about septic systems now by speaking with the team at Sewer Time Septic and Rooter in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

Cleaning Your Septic Tank Isn’t Always Enough

Most property owners call us when they notice sewage backup in their sinks. While this could signal the need for septic tank cleaning or pumping, it’s often a sign that you actually need system repairs or a drain field replacement. Luckily, we handle those jobs, too. Other signs of serious issues include pooling water in your yard, unusually green patches of grass and harsh odors in your bathroom or outside.

Do you need septic tank pumping or repair? Speak with a pro now by calling 480-900-8820.

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